The Most Unique Aesthetic Based Program for Men Over 40

Our unique programming combines the most effective elements of holistic wellness, fitness model training, and bodybuilding to create the ultimate aesthetic physique for older guys. Stand out in a crowd by being the "fit" friend who has rock hard abs with muscles that fit your body type. You'll work alongside a transformation master and get the accountability, but enjoy a personalized training plan crafted by one of our expert coaches.

Back End Custom Build Preview

This Includes:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Speak with Coach Donny about your goals and struggles related to weight loss, hormonal imbalances, chronic immune stress, and personal growth.

Step 2: Comprehensive Testing

Customized, confidential testing done at home, on your schedule, to get a complete picture of your health, including inflammation, biomarkers, gut health , food sensitivities, genetic testing, BMI/BF% and more

Step 3: In-Depth Analysis

A thorough review of your test results and medical history to device a personalized treatment plan.

Step 4: Personalized Treatment Plan

A comprehensive plan including diet, supplement, and lifestyle therapies to address the root cause of your health issues, with a focus on inflammation reduction, hormonal balance, and sustainable weight loss.

Step 5: Coaching Support

Ongoing coaching and support for 4 months, including regular check-ins and updates to your plan. Access to a community of men who are also on the same journey.

Step 6: Personal Growth

Mindset coaching, relationship, advice, and time management strategies to help you achieve personal growth and empowerment.

Functional Wellness Highlights

  • Measure progress and compliance over time - Dive deep into your nutrition with graphs for calories intake, caloric burn, and calories in/out to help you progress on over time.

  • Mental Content Courses - Several vital mini courses will help expedite our permanent solution course. Such courses include our Addiction Course, The 180 Success Principles & Happy Habits.

  • The Complete Supplement Solution Course

  • The Advanced Exercise Breakdown Course

  • 2 Way Chat with a Program Expert

Fitness Training Highlights

  • Full Access to our year long Trademarked "Alpha Father Formula Workouts"

  • On-The-Go "At Home" workouts - Follow along at home or on the road with the creator of the program bootcamp style with minimal equipment. For when you're in a pinch!

  • PeakZoneTrainer pocket personal trainer workouts - Go to any gym in the world and have our PeakZoneTrainer app coach you through your custom built workouts.

  • Create fitness targets - Add notes to exercises that you and our trainers can view and track when checking in to workouts.

  • Freestyle Workout builder - Create workouts from our templates in the freestyle workout builder add your own custom workouts.

  • On Demand Exercise Library - Explore huge libraries of professionally created pre-built exercises, workouts, and bonus programs that are ready for you to use.

  • Fitness Tracking - Clients can track workouts, fitness targets, and personal bests and more with the PeakZoneTrainer mobile app.

Custom Nutrition Highlights



Everyone’s goal is different. Whether you want to loss fat by eating in a calorie deficit, or gain lean muscle in a calorie surplus, we will customise your meal plan and training program to suit your dietary requirements, late night cravings, and busy lifestyle.

  • Permanent Solution Course - This 12 month course is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make in life. The key to unlocking the body of your dreams lies in the inner workings of this course. You'll never have to seek guidance about fitness or nutrition ever again when it comes to aesthetics.

  • Custom Nutrition Goals - Have custom nutrition goals based off your basal metabolic rate, total daily expenditure, and personal weight goals.

  • Meal Tracking - Simple photo food journaling, or go deep on nutrition tracking. Clients can scan or search for foods in the meal library, and track them in the app. Get full nutrition information and daily breakdowns of calories, macro and micronutrients.

  • Recipe Books & Pre-Made Meal Plans - Take full advantage of the platinum experience with custom recipes & pre-made meal plans. With access to our curated recipes and long-term meal plan solutions, our clients get the best meals to cook and track in the PeakZoneTrainer app.

  • The Smart Meal Planner - Save time with interactive meal plans based on your caloric goals, macro split, schedule, and dietary preferences. Get 3 sample days of meals. Clients can swap meals with similar alternatives and discover new delicious recipes that make eating healthy easier.








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